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Jul 29

Anonymous said: Judgement, Devil, Moon, World

Judgement: Your favourite song

Right now a Mr. Brightside remix is my favorite song. I could listen to it on repeat endlessly I think. Not even joking. So many emotions happen when I’m listening to it. I’ll share the link~ 

The Devil: Who you talk to when you’re dealing with big issues

When I’m dealing with big issues I have the tendency to go to my friend Mara. She is a great listener and is pretty good at giving advice when I need it and really is one of my best friends. Though honestly, a lot of the time I don’t even like going to her. I have been really struggling a lot lately with these things.

The Moon: Something you fear

The easiest thing for me to fear is being alone. Not so much in the physical sense as in ever other sense. Sometimes I feel like there is literally no one that I can turn to, I feel like I am a nuisance to those who I talk to. Which I guess might be why I’ve been kind of shutting down lately. Damn.

The World: Your dream job

I want more than anything to become a pediatric nurse. Its just really something I want to do, though in order to do it… I’m going to seriously need to start working towards that goal.

Thank you for asking! :D


Steampunk Officer Pistol by Dave Crook

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Anonymous said: Hierophant, Wheel of Fortune, Hanged Man, Sun

The Hierophant: Something you believe in

I believe in myself. While it has taken me a very long time to come to this… I’ve finally started to understand. While there are bad things… I believe that the good has the ability to overpower the bad. Though it certainly sounds cheesy, positivism is key to believing in oneself. 

The Wheel Of Fortune: Something you wish you could change

There are far too many things that I wish I could change. Things in the past that I wish I could rewrite. Despite this, I’m not sure I’d change a thing. For if even the smallest thing was altered… the person that I am might not be in existence. I may not have met some of the incredible people who I’ve come to meet since these things happened. I don’t think I would do anything to risk myself not having met these people.

The Hanged Man: A time when you wished someone would listen to you

Because I don’t really speak all that loudly… I feel as though I wish for this all the time. People talk over me very easily—without even realizing I bet—and it can be quite frustrating. Though I’m aware that it is something I need to work on myself.

The Sun: Your happiest memory

My happiest memory is more like a mash of memories all in one. Back when I was too young to understand most of what life really meant, back when I thought that everything and everyone was good. Back when I lived within a few feet of all my friends, I like to think back to those times. It would be lovely to go back.

Thank youuuu for asking :D

Anonymous said: The Fool, The Empress, The Emperor, The Lovers

The Fool: Something you’ve always wanted to try

While there are many things I’d like to try, what actually comes to mind is drinking. I think its mostly because of how curious I’ve gotten. 

The Empress: A woman you really admire

Hm, actually the only person that comes to mind is my friends mother. Is that terrible? XD

The Emperor: A man you really admire

My step-grandfather. I don’t even really have to think about this one much. He keeps his promises—which is more I can say for most other people in my life—and was there for me a lot while I was growing up.

The Lovers: A person who makes you very happy

While I have several friends who can make me very happy there is one person who comes to mind. This person has been there for me through just about everything and I truly appreciate them. 

Thank you so much for asking! :D


doggies doing some dog ritual


doggies doing some dog ritual

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@ Like father…

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What vines are like in japan

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Glass Blower: Sculpting A Horse From Molten Glass




Glass Blower: Sculpting A Horse From Molten Glass


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wouldnt it be fucking scary if you had a clock that counted down until the moment you die. like what if it could be altered too like one day it says 70 years left but then you do something and it says 10 minutes left and youre like what the fuck i fucked up i fucked up i fucked up


what if you got on a plane and then as soon as it took off everybodys clock changed to 20 minutes


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